The Local Planning Board

The local planning board is a critical component of our community’s governance structure. Comprising dedicated and knowledgeable individuals, this board plays a pivotal role in shaping the present and future of our locality. Here’s a description of the local planning board:

Local Planning Board Description:

The Local Planning Board is a dynamic and diverse group of community members who are passionately committed to the sustainable growth and development of our town. Charged with the responsibility of guiding land use, zoning regulations, and long-term planning initiatives, this board serves as the driving force behind the realization of our community’s vision.

Key Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Comprehensive Planning: The planning board takes a holistic approach to community development by crafting and updating comprehensive plans that lay out our long-term goals, land use strategies, and development policies.
  • Zoning Regulations: They establish or revise zoning regulations that ensure orderly and responsible development while preserving the character and quality of life in our village based on the comprehensive plan.
  • Development Review: The board carefully reviews and evaluates proposed development projects, ensuring they align with the community’s goals and adhere to established guidelines.
  • Community Engagement: Open communication with residents and stakeholders. Public hearings, workshops, and feedback mechanisms may be used to involve the community in the planning process.
  • Environmental Stewardship: Environmental considerations, sustainability, and responsible land management are at the forefront of their decision-making to protect our natural resources.
  • Economic Development: Promoting economic growth and vitality in our village is a focus, with an emphasis on attracting businesses and investments that align with our community values.
  • Infrastructure Planning: They collaborate with other local government entities to plan and execute infrastructure projects, such as roads, utilities, and public spaces, to support our growing community’s needs.

Transparent and Accountable:

Our local planning board operates with transparency and accountability, holding regular meetings (open to the public) and making decisions that reflect the best interests of our community. They work diligently to balance the diverse needs and aspirations of our residents while ensuring responsible growth and development.

Get Involved:

We encourage community members to get involved with the local planning board by attending meetings, providing feedback, and participating in discussions. Your input is vital in shaping the future of our village, and your engagement is warmly welcomed.

In summary, the local planning board is an essential body dedicated to the thoughtful and sustainable development of our community. Their commitment to preserving our village’s unique character while planning for a prosperous future is a testament to their dedication to our community’s well-being.

Below is a document containing the Local Law that  describes the Planning Board followed by Sub-division regulations and the Local Zoning Code established in 1988