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2024 Village of Moravia Elections – June 18th

Jonathan Austin II elected  Justice

Trustee race was very close.  Had to count 3 times.

Paul Nelson received 60 votes

Patrick Mott received 55 votes

Anthony Peppe recieved 54 Votes

Thanks to all who took time to vote on this very hot day

You can now pay your water/sewer bill online!

Please note the following before paying:

     • There are additional fees charged by our service provider and will appear on your credit  card a a separate charge. The Village of        Moravia does not charge for this service.
          • Bank Service fees apply and are charged to the card holder as follows:
               • Credit card payments less than $64.00 carry a fee of $1.75
               • Credit card payments equal to or greater than $64.00 carry a fee of 2.75% of the total payment
               • E-Check payments of $0 .01 – 1,999.99 carry a fee of $2.50
     • You will need to know your account number, which is located on the bottom left corner of your bill.
     • The QuickPay program does not allow for water payments and sewer payments to be made separately. The program will show your total account balance, which will need to be paid in full.
     • There will be brief times in which online payments may not be accepted (during bill processing, and after the due date while penalties are being processed). 

Please visit our website( to access the QuickPay portal if you wish to pay your bill online and pay the additional service provider fee mentioned above.

► Brush pick-up will occur Monday through Thursday in the mornings from 7am – 8:45am.
► While all village streets will not be completed daily, the Village will make its best effort to have all brush picked up by Thursday. 
► Plastic bags can no longer be accepted per DEC regulations. Any material in a plastic bag will be refused for pick-up.
► Please bag grass clippings in a paper bag or place them in a container at the curb.
► Do not put lawn debris/brush into the street, as it will clog the storm drains.
► Ensure that tree limbs are less than three (3) feet long and cut down to fit in the truck bed.

The week of July 4th pick up will be FRIDAY, July 6
The week of Labor Day pick up will be FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 6
If you experience any issues or have questions regarding your pick-up, you may
call Superior Waste Removal at 315-672-3174.

Your water meter is read each calendar quarter and billed quarterly on January, April, July, and October 1st.
                                                            Inside Village
Water Rate: $ 4. 75 per thousand gallons consumed($ 24. 75 minimum)
Sewer Rate: $ 3. 75 per thousand gallons of water used, plus $14. 75 per unit per month
                                              Outside Village in a District
Water Rate: $ 9.50 per thousand gallons consumed($ 49.50 minimum)
Sewer Rate: $ 7.50 per thousand gallons of water used, plus $14. 75 per unit per month
                                                            Outside Village
Water Rate: $14.25 per thousand gallons consumed($ 74.25 minimum)

The Village of Moravia will be conducting lead service inventory from July to October.

Please contact the village of Moravia Municipal Office to schedule a date and time to have your home’s water service lines inspected.  To schedule, you contact the office by phone at (315)-497-1820, or schedule in person at 22 Central Street


Our DPW staff will also be going door-to-door to inspect your home’s water service lines.  Service line inspections will occur during business hours which are Monday – Friday from 8:00am to 3:00pm.


For questions about lead service inventories, or the EPA’s Lead and Copper Rule, please contact our DPW supervisor Thomas Townsend at (315) 729-4785


Resources for Further Exploration

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency:

  • The EPA’s webpage on lead in drinking water details regulations aimed at reducing lead contamination. It outlines the “Lead Free” Rule, which mandates that pipes, fittings, and fixtures used for drinking water must meet strict lead content limits (0.25% for pipes and 0.2% for solder and flux). The Safe Drinking Water Act prohibits the use of non-lead-free materials in public water systems and residential plumbing. The page also covers the legislative history and specific exemptions for non-potable water uses.
  • For more information, visit: EPA Lead in Drinking Water

Implementation of the Lead and Copper Rule

  • The EPA’s webpage on the Lead and Copper Rule Implementation Tools offers resources to aid states and water utilities in adhering to the Lead and Copper Rule (LCR). Key tools include FAQs, public notification templates, service line inventory guidance, water quality monitoring protocols, public education materials, and corrosion control treatment recommendations. These tools are designed to help public water systems meet compliance deadlines, manage lead service line replacements, and ensure public safety through effective communication and reporting strategies.
  • For more details, visit: EPA Lead and Copper Rule Implementation Tools.

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