Community Survey Results

In March of 2019, survey instruments were mailed to 1,077 addresses in the Village and Town. Where possible, the survey instrument was included in the quarterly water bill with instructions to return it with payment. Drop-off locations were also set up at the Village and Town halls and the library. Additional survey instruments to be filled out were also available for pick-up at these locations. Response rates were similar among Village residents (19.3%) and Town residents (17.7%). The survey consisted of four main components: the quality of several Village attributes; the importance of several key goals and initiatives; the quantity and availability of various land uses; and concern levels over the future quality of several Village attributes and services. A full copy of the survey instrument and responses is attached as an appendix to the Plan.

Nearly nine out of ten respondents planned on remaining in the community for the next five years. This indicates the importance of incorporating their input in a long-term Comprehensive Plan as they will likely be affected by the community decisions made moving forward.

Key responses to the survey included the following:

  • Scenic beauty and convenience of pharmacy and grocery services were rated as the highest quality attributes of the community. This reflects Moravia’s location in the Finger Lakes region of New York and the importance of a sustainable downtown that provides basic services.
  • Flood protection and preparedness rated near the lowest quality attributes, speaking to the challenges the Village faces located at the confluence of three streams. It also emphasizes the need to adapt to climate change and build resiliency against future flood events. Measures recognized as very important included improving storm drains, cleaning ditches, and protecting wetlands and other significant natural areas.
  • Renewable energy such as wind and solar power were identified as positive land uses that were needed in the community.
  • Other land uses that are desperately needed in the community are restaurants, retail stores, and senior housing.
  • Greatest concerns included flood events, the condition of roads and sidewalks, and drinking water quality.
  • Many people (44%) believe that Moravia has not significantly changed in the past 15 years, 33% believe that it has become a more desirable place to live, and 23% believe it has become a less desirable place to live.