Moravia Village Comprehensive Plan 2020-2022

Above is the approved plan adopted by the Village Board of Trustees


New York State statute §7-722 authorizes Villages to prepare and adopt comprehensive plans and recommends specific components for inclusion. The State recognizes that significant decisions and actions affecting communities are made at the local level. The development and enactment of a long-term plan to guide those decisions is, therefore, in the best interest of the people of each village. Furthermore, the great diversity of resources and conditions that exist within and among each village compels the consideration of such diversity in a comprehensive manner. The State also recognizes that the participation of citizens in an open, responsible, and flexible planning process is the best approach.
The State also requires that all land use regulations be in conformance with a comprehensive plan. Therefore, this Plan should provide legal protection and justification for all future land use regulations

A Comprehensive Plan is a long-term planning document that helps the community to determine the best path forward. The document evaluates existing conditions, sets goals for addressing challenges and threats, and develops a strategic plan to achieve those goals. Though guided by a steering committee of your peers, developing the Plan is a public process. We rely on your input and feedback to ensure that the Plan supports the entire community. Using input received at the first community workshop in 2019, the steering committee has developed goals for each Comprehensive Plan topic. Each goal is accompanied by a series of implementation measures, real steps that the Village and its partners can take to make progress toward the goal. 

Goals of the Plan

Ability to move into the future responsibly

Development of the Plan

The comprehensive planning process is a direct result of the Village of Moravia’s desire to become more productive and efficient in guiding future land use decisions and responding to challenges facing the community. Since the Village has not had a full comprehensive plan since 1966, this new plan will provide contemporary direction and resources needed to move forward.
The process has been assisted by a 2018 grant from the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation through their Climate Smart Community Program. The process began in October 2018 with the formation of a steering committee comprised of Village residents and business owners selected to represent the diverse demographics and interests of the community. The Village enlisted the Cayuga County Department of Planning and Economic Development to manage and lead the committee through the planning process.

Climate Smart Communities Program

This Plan recognizes the importance of sustainability and planned growth and provides Moravia with the tools necessary to move into the future responsibly. It seeks to protect the small-town qualities that define our quality of life while recognizing the need to adjust to a changing climate (both economic and environmental). The Plan acknowledges the reality of climate change and the real and increasing threat it poses to our local and global environments. It recognizes that the effects of climate change are endangering our infrastructure, economy, and livelihoods. Our response, as expressed in this Plan, is an opportunity to adapt by saving money and building a new, vibrant economy. In support of this endeavor, the Village of Moravia has joined the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation’s Climate Smart Communities Program and has informed this plan with the following principles:

  1. To build a climate-smart community.
  2. To inventory greenhouse gas emissions, set goals, and plan for climate    action.
  3. To decrease energy use.
  4. To shift to clean, renewable energy.
  5. To use climate-smart materials management.
  6. To implement climate-smart land use.
  7. To enhance community resilience to climate change.
  8. To support a green innovation economy.
  9. To inform and inspire the public.
  10. To engage in an evolving process of climate action.