Virtual Workshops- Chapter 3


Chapter 3: Population, Demographics, & Housing

*Date and time to be determined


The Village of Moravia is in the process of updating our Comprehensive Plan. A Comprehensive Plan is a long-term planning document that helps the community to determine the best path forward. The document evaluates existing conditions, sets goals for addressing challenges and threats, and develops a strategic plan to achieve those goals. Though guided by a steering committee of your peers, developing the Plan is a public process. We rely on your input and feedback to ensure that the Plan supports the entire community. Using input received at the first community workshop in 2019, the steering committee has developed goals for each Comprehensive Plan topic. Each goal is accompanied by a series of implementation measures, real steps that the Village and its partners can take to make progress toward the goal. Please browse the goals below and then answer a few short questions to help us gather feedback.

If you would like to see the entire draft chapter, it can be located here:   Chapter 3



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