Chapter 9: Hazard Mitigation & Resiliency

This Chapter reviews the natural hazard history in the Moravia area and identifies future risks as well as established and potential response measures, avoidance measures, and mitigation measures. The specific topics in this Chapter are:

  • 9.1 Overview
  • 9.2 Natural Event History and Vulnerability (Climate Change Threat; Hazard History & Hazards of Concern; Areas of Concern).
  • 9.3 Mitigation Strategies & Current Capabilities (Legal, Regulatory, Administrative, & Fiscal Capabilities; Land

Why is this important?

Use Strategies; Identified Hazard Mitigation Initiatives; Other Resources).

  • The accurate identification of natural hazard risks helps local governments understand where to target their staff and funding resources in order to ensure the safety of their community.

What are the takaways?

  • Moravia’s location in a valley makes the community particularly vulnerable to riverine, ice jam, and flash flooding.
  • The increased frequency and intensity of flood-causing storms, brought on partly by Climate Change, presents new challenges and places additional burdens on responders and government resources.
  • Adopting or fine-tuning certain land use regulations, as well as taking these vulnerabilities into consideration when making land use regulations, will help the Village mitigate damage caused by future natural hazard events.
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