Chapter 7: Community Facilities, Utilities, & Infrastructure

This Chapter provides an overview of the facilities, utilities, & infrastructure provided by the Village to the general public. Public services are identified …

  • 7.1 Community Facilities (Moravia Central School District; Powers Library; Summer Program; Community Center; Police, Fire, & Emergency Services; Solid Waste).
  • 7.2 Utilities & Infrastructure (Water; Sewer; Electricity & Natural Gas; Cable & Broadband Internet).
  • 7.3 Shared Services & Service Consolidation.

Why is this important?

  •  Community facilities and infrastructure are essentially the “bones” of the community. The availability of community services, and quality infrastructure such as water and sewer lines, roads and sidewalks, and high speed internet systems should always be an important consideration in planning for the future and ensuring the community is prepared for economic development and reinvestment.

What are the takeaways

  •  Addressing water and sewer system issues is necessary for increasing efficiency and service capacity, as well as reigning in cost.
  •  Moravia is in need of universal broadband internet access.
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