Chapter 3: Population, Demographics, & Housing

This Chapter provides an overview of population figures, demographic data (such as age, race, and worker composition), and housing characteristics for the Village of Moravia. Specific topics are:

3.1 Population Characteristics (Total Population; Age; Race).
3.2 Economic Characteristics (Income; Poverty; Worker & Employment Characteristics).
3.3 Housing Characteristics
Data source is the U.S. Census Bureau, unless otherwise noted. Due to limited data availability, some statistics are derived from the 2010 full count while others come from the most recently available American Community Survey data.

Why is this important?

  • These figures provide situational and temporal context for Moravia, comparing the Village to other municipalities in the region, as well as to itself over time.
  • While population and demographic figures are not malleable, housing characteristics are influenced by economic factors, zoning regulations, and even community structure. Moravia recognizes that it is essential to understand the current conditions and devise objectives for the future in order to ensure a thriving Village.

What are the takeaways?

  • Unkempt and blighted properties are an issue in Moravia. There are several strategies to counter this, detailed at the end of the Chapter.
  • Moravia has a decent mix of housing options; both single-family homes and multi-family homes are prevalent. Senior housing facilities, however, are lacking and a broader variety of styles and configurations would help alleviate this issue.
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