Chapter 2: History of Moravia

This Chapter provides a brief overview of the history of the Village of Moravia, focusing on the settlement patterns, industries, and culture that helped to shape the Moravia we know today.
Sources include “Moravia’s Early Days” by Virginia Underwood, “Moravia and Its Past: The Story of a Community in Central New York State, 1789—1966” by Leslie L. Luther, and the Cayuga-Owasco Lakes Historical Society.

The Chapter is divided into the following sections:

2.1 Early History (Pre-Settlement)
2.2 Settlement (18th Century)
2.3 Nineteenth Century
2.4 Twentieth Century

Why is this important?

An overview of this history, settlement patterns, industries, and early culture of the Village of Moravia.

What are the takeaways?

 Moravia is rich with history that is still observed in architecture and historic sites and celebrated in events and festivals. The Village recognizes its history as a crucial component contributing to Moravia’s quality of life.

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