Chapter 11: Land Use and Zoning

This Chapter presents an overview of land use characteristics and zoning regulations that guide the operation and development of property in the Village.

  • Land Uses described herein are based on classifications made by the Village assessor for tax purposes.

Specifically, this Chapter addresses:

  • 11.1 Existing Land Use
  • 11.2 Existing Land Use Regulations (Adopted Local Laws; Zoning).
  • 11.3 Future Land Use

Why is this important?


  • Land Use regulations are the most common and direct method of shaping the physical form and composition of a community. Regulations should address the specific and unique needs and desires of a community while ensuring the health and safety of its citizens.
  • Land Use regulations need to be updated regularly as new land uses are introduced, unforeseen issues develop, and the needs and desires of the citizenry change over time.

What are the takeaways?

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